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Do the pots go in the dishwasher?
Of course, all of our products can be washed in the dishwasher, however, to maintain the high quality of the non-stick we recommend the easy hand wash which will extend the life of the product.

Can the pots be used on the induction hob?
Olympia pans can be used on all hobs (Gas, Electric, Glass ceramic, and oven) but not all of them can be used on induction; for this type of kitchen we have specific lines, so we ask you to pay attention to the product description where it is expressly specified.

Can I use metal utensils inside the pots?
Yes, being careful not to scratch the coating, even if it is very resistant. To preserve the surfaces, we recommend the use of our nylon kitchen utensils mod. Diamant or any wooden utensil.

Is the non-stick safe?
Yes, our non-stick coating is absolutely safe and certified according to the European standards governing materials in contact with food. It is produced by Whitford, an important world leader in the production of coatings; it is PFOA FREE ie it does NOT contain perfluorooctanoic acid which at high temperatures can be released and cause damage to our health if ingested in large quantities. All OLYMPIA cookware are PFOA FREE, are PFOA free and are therefore safe for health and the coatings are non-carcinogenic.
Be wary of products that do not carry the wording PFOA FREE.

Which raw material is used for the production of the pots?
Aluminum, or better food aluminum, that is an alloy specially created for the production of items that come into contact with food such as pots. Aluminum alloy that respects the parameters of the European regulations with reference to the limits of the chemical substances that compose it.
Furthermore, we only choose aluminum obtained from recycling and which in turn is recyclable for production that respects health and the environment.

Do the handles of the pots burn?
If they are one-piece aluminum handles (such as pans and casseroles) they get very hot, so we always recommend the use of pot holders. On the other hand, these aluminum handles have the advantage of being able to go into the oven even at very high temperatures; for items that have a bakelite handle (such as pans), it is completely athermic as well as the knobs of our lids do not burn.

Why does the outer bottom release black powder?
Because it has been washed in the dishwasher, the detergent tablets are increasingly effective and aggressive and tend to corrode pure aluminum where it has not been coated, releasing a black powder that is easily cleaned and does not compromise the quality of the product. To avoid this annoying consequence just wash the pots by hand.